The South Williamstown Community Association

  Dear Neighbor,

As well as electing our new Board and dealing with other Annual Meeting business, the South Williamstown Community Association will be hearing from Ken Kuttner and Roger Lawrence of the Williamstown Planning Board on “Rethinking Rural Development.”  There will be opportunities during the reception for you to talk with them individually.  They are eager to hear from you.  The meeting will be held in the auditorium at Sweetwood Independent Living, 1611 Cold Spring Road, at 6pm on Thursday, June 20.
I am eager to see you at my last meeting as SWCA president.  An agenda is copied below.
Bette Craig

South Williamstown Community Association

P.O. Box 432, Williamstown, MA 01267

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South Williamstown Community Association Annual Meeting June 20, 2024

Welcome: Bette Craig, President

SWCA Activities of Past Year

What’s coming up this summer?

Saturday afternoon, July 13, 1 pm Green River Clean Up Walk with HooRWA (Park at Hart’s Garage)

August SWCA Potluck Bar B Q with cash bar at Waubeeka Golf Links

What’s being planned so far for rest of year before our next annual meeting?

Fall Community Breakfast

Fall Repair Café

December Tree Lighting and Caroling Party

Winter Social

Spring Repair Café

Any New Business? Suggestions for Projects?

Election of Board Members: Pam Burger, Board Secretary and member of Nominating Committee

Present Board Members

Term ending 2026:  Van Ellet, Nadia Jensen, Barry Meneghelli, Melanie Mowinski, Tamanika Steward 

Term ending 2025:  Anne Hogeland, Lynn Jankiewicz, Paul Jennings, Michelle Thaisz

Term ending 2024:  Matt Baya, Pam Burger, Karen Charbonneau, Bette Craig, Perky Edgerton

Nominees Proposed for Election, Term ending 2027:

Matt Baya, Karen Charbonneau, Heleny Cook*, Kaare Francis*

Nominees Proposed for Election, Term ending 2025:

Pam Burger, Perky Edgerton

*Bios of new proposed SWCA Board Members:

Kaare Francis was born in Naples, Florida in 1993. At a young age, he moved back to the Berkshires, where his family has their roots. Growing up in Pittsfield, Kaare took regular trips to his visit his uncle in Williamstown where he appreciated the rural setting of his home in the Hopper. He graduated from Pittsfield High School in 2011 and went on to the University of New Hampshire where he decided to pursue engineering. He graduated in 2015 with a B.S. in mechanical engineering and a minor in ocean engineering. After a few years of different experiences, he found his way back to the Berkshires and began to work at his uncle’s company, Atlantis Equipment in Stephentown. At a large metal fabrication and machine shop, Kaare carved out a role doing what he does best, fixing and building things. In 2019, he bought his home on Sloan Road. Built in 1834, the house was in very poor shape, but with lots of effort and help from others, it became a beautiful place to live. Feeling very welcomed by his neighbors and community, he feels right at home in South Williamstown and looks forward to being a helpful part of the South Williamstown community for many years to come.

Heleny Cook has lived in 4 different houses on Oblong Road since she was a baby! Her husband, parents,and grand-parents are buried in the South Williamstown cemetery. Even though she spent years organizing coal miners in East Tennessee and 2 years teaching in Istanbul, and 38 years as a high school English teacher with stints in Marion Barry’s administrations in Washington,DC, she is a South Williamstown girl. Heleny and her husband Dick raised 4 children — 2 girls and 2 boys. Heleny has a passion for vegetable gardens, wild flowers, and making all kinds of baskets out of  willow she grows. She thinks of herself as a gregarious gatherer most days. She is South Williamstown proud.

Recognition of retired SWCA Board member, Mindy Hackner, who also served as Treasurer, and Pam Burger, who is retiring as Board Secretary, but will continue as a member of the Board.

Introduction of Tamanika Steward, who has agreed to be next SWCA President: Bette Craig

Rethinking Rural Development” Ken Kuttner and Roger Lawrence, Williamstown Planning Board


Newly elected Board Members will meet briefly at the close of the meeting following reception.

We are very grateful to Sweetwood Independent Living for hosting this meeting and providing refreshments, as well as providing space for our Board meetings for several years. We especially appreciate the assistance of Activities Director Janice Paquette.