A Guide to Southlawn Cemetery

A Guide to Southlawn Cemetery

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A Guide to Southlawn Cemetery

The Historical Committee
South Williamstown Community Association
Williamstown, Massachusetts

A Guide to Southlawn Cemetery

Text and photographs by Regina Rouse

Illustration and maps by John MacDonald

Transcriptions by Regina Rouse, Shirley Sylvester & Anne Tiffany

This guide book is supported in part by a grant from the Northern Berkshire Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

Printed by Adams Specialty & Printing Company Book Design by Eugene F. Michalenko Adams, Massachusetts

Cover photo by John MacDonald

Illustration title page from the gravestone of Hannah Woodcock, d. 1778, age 12.

This guide is dedicated to the residents of Williamstown, past and present, whose generosity and loyalty have maintained this historic site.


Southlawn Cemetery is part of The South Williamstown Five Corners Historic District in Williamstown Massachusetts. The cemetery was founded in 1769 but parts of it are still open to burials today. It is a public non-denominational burial ground maintained by the town since 1814.

Southlawn Cemetery is an outstanding example of an Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century rural New England cemetery and well worth a visit. Although there is a good deal of information available about the cemetery and the people buried there, the data is scattered and some of it is not easily accessible. We felt a guide incorporating much of this would make a visit more meaningful and useful for those who cannot visit.

This guide was made possible by grants from The Northern Berkshire Cultural Council, The South Williamstown Community Association, The South Williamstown Historical Committee and gifts from local citizens. We are grateful for their support.

We would like to thank the following for their help in preparing this guide: the staff and volunteers of the Williamstown Historical Museum (formerly The House of Local History), The Town of Williamstown, The Northern Berkshire Register of Deeds, Annette Jenks, and Fannin-Lehner Preservation Consultants. We could not have carried out this project without their cooperation.

Regina M. Rouse

South Williamstown Historical Committee

December, 2014

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