The South Williamstown Community Association

Dear Neighbor,

There's been too much rain and the river will be too high to walk safely, so we are cancelling the Green River Cleanup Walk behind the Hart landfill scheduled for Saturday, July 22.
HOWEVER, there's a chance to learn what to do about wildlife in your yard on July 19 at the Williamstown Youth Center.  Information is below.
Bette Craig, President, SWCA

Let's get together! Join with your friends and neighbors and local experts to share resources and stories about how to deal with wildlife in your yard! Invited guests include Nathan Buckhout, Western District Wild and Fish and Wildlife Biologist; Cara Petricca from Bluebird Farm Wildlife Sanctuary, Rebecca Mattson, local veterinarian, and Williamstown Police Chief Mike Ziemba.

Be it animals disturbing your gardening, wildlife in distress, or wild animals that pose a nuisance or potential danger–issues like this come up in our rural community often. Let's share our experience and solutions and resources!  See above for details re: special invited guests. Please help spread the word and hopefully we can have more gatherings in the future.