The South Williamstown Community Association

Dear Neighbor,

Nadia Jensen has sent the following advice for detours:
This email is for anyone who travels (or is is planning to travel) on NY Rte 22 on your way to New York, New Lebanon, Albany, Hudson, Chatham, or anywhere else that might put you on this road:

A small section of NY 22 was closed suddenly this past Friday, between Wyomonack Road and Goodrich Hollow Road*.  The reason:  Apparently the culvert is in serious need of repair; the road is in danger of collapse.  

What does this mean for you if you’re on NY 22 going south? You'll see detour signs telling you  to turn RIGHT onto Wyomonack Road.  At the end of Wyomanack, turn LEFT onto West St.  Just follow detour signs, but…HINT:  Turn LEFT onto Old Post Road which will bring you all the way back to NY 22 in New Lebanon. Turn RIGHT at the end of Old Post Road and you’ll be on your way again on NY22 South.  If you miss Old Post Road, just keep following detour signs into New Lebanon and back on Rte 22.  

What does this mean if you’re on NY 22 going north through New Lebanon, heading home to Williamstown?  You can certainly follow the detour signs which will direct you to turn LEFT onto West Street (look for Jimmy D's diner on the left)…OR you could keep going through New Lebanon on 22N, past Mario’s, the high school, and Town Hall (all on the left) and turn LEFT onto Old Post Road.  Don’t miss this turn; it’s your last chance to get onto West St before the road closes!  At the end of Old Post Road, turn RIGHT onto West St and follow detour signs…you’ll be turning RIGHT onto Wyomonack, and then LEFT at the end of that road back onto 22N.  

How long will the road be closed?  No one knows — it could be 2-3 weeks, or 2-3 months.  My suggestion for now:  Pay attention to detour signs…and be sure to enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains on West Street!  We hope that repairs will be done soon.  If you’re wondering, this puts less than 10 additional minutes on our drive to Williamstown, and I do love seeing the mountains while I drive on West St.  As detours go, this is one of the more beautiful ones.  

Hope this helps you plan trips that put you on NY22!  Nadia 
*Goodrich Hollow Road is the road we take to get to our home on Tower Mountain.  Until now, Goodrich Hollow has never been well known, but we are now!  Here's a short clip: