The South Williamstown Community Association

Dear Neighbor,

The Williamstown Planning Board will be discussing a proposed zoning change for Sweetwood this coming Tuesday, February 13, at 7pm.  You can attend in person at town hall or by Zoom at link below.  It will also
be broadcast live on Willinet.  

Hybrid Meeting (In person at 31 North St. & Zoom Participation) & Streaming Live & Spectrum TV Channel 1303
I'm including a communication received from Sweetwood describing the proposal below.
Bette Craig, President, SWCA

Update for South Williamstown Community Association


On Tuesday, February 13th, the community of Sweetwood at Williamstown, located at 1611 Cold Spring Road, will bring an updated proposal to the Williamstown Planning Board. Local attorney, Jeffrey Grandchamp, is representing.


The proposal requests a multifamily overlay to apply only to the property at 1611 Cold Spring Road.


The goal is to expand the age range of the people who can reside at Sweetwood within the existing facility. This is driven by a shortage of older adults seeking Sweetwood’s current services as well as a desire to spearhead a multigenerational living initiative. The hope is that this change will also provide additional rental housing in the Town in addition to Sweetwood continuing to house and support older adults. Since the changes are to the form (age range) of occupancy, Sweetwood does not anticipate any increased demand for any town services or impact on utilities. The Sweetwood Resident Council has been very involved in crafting this proposal.


What is primarily different from the proposal brought to the Planning Board in 2023 are: resident engagement, a smaller footprint, more concise amendment to zoning use, and the use and input of a local attorney.


The Sweetwood team welcomes questions and conversation with its South Williamstown neighbors. You may reach out to Emily Vasquez at