Have You Heard of Repair Café?

There’s one in Pittsfield that’s been operating on a regular basis (usually on a Saturday afternoon once a month) in the basement of St. Stephen’s Church for the past 18 months. It’s an occasion for people to bring in things that need repair. You can get advice, instruction, and actual fixing or mending of one or two items. There are people standing by with sewing machines, tools, lamp parts. There is music, food, usually a give away table and lots of good feeling. It is organized around stations manned with volunteers ready to do bicycle repair, wood items repair, electrical (small appliances and lamps) repair, etc. There’s even an “Ask a Lawyer” station.

People who get things fixed can make a donation if they wish. It is good for all of us who aren’t so good at fixing things and it’s good for the environment. The concept has gone international after starting in The Netherlands a few years ago.

So, why are we telling you all this?

Because we are considering starting one in South Williamstown. Are you interested? Would you be willing to share your skills? Please let us know by emailing swca32@gmail.com or call Bette Craig at (413) 458-5257.

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