Greet Your Neighbor Day

Tomorrow’s the day to greet your neighbors and wish them well.  A member of our community was observing that people in urban neighborhoods have been going to their windows at 7 pm to offer a big round of applause to all of the frontline workers who are caring for us and keeping us supplied with essential supplies and services.  She thought, we’re spread out and can’t really create much of a crescendo of applause, but wouldn’t it be great just to go outside at a certain time on a certain day and shout out or wave to a neighbor across the street or down the road.  So, we are hereby designating Friday, May 1, as Greet Your Neighbor Day.  Let’s make a date – 5 pm tomorrow, Friday, May Day – to say hello, catch up on how we are doing and ask how we might help each other weather this pandemic. We’re hoping the weather will cooperate, but if it’s pouring down rain,

we’ll do it on Saturday.


Town Election

And, here’s an update on the town election, which has been postponed until June 23.  Mail-in voting usually only is allowed for absentee ballots, and a voter is asked to affirm that he or she will not be in town on election day. This year, the commonwealth has opened up mail-in balloting for all voters in local and state elections in light of the pandemic.


Voters must submit an application with their signature requesting a mail-in ballot. In Williamstown, the applications are available in boxes outside Town Hall and the Harper Center senior center on Church Street and on the town's website. Applications can be returned by mail to the Town Clerk.


The Town Meeting has also been postponed, but no date has been set as yet.


Bette Craig, President




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