Front Porch Forum

Greetings –

Word is spreading about the hopeful arrival of Vermont's free Front Porch Forum community bulletin board in Williamstown. FPF will serve ALL Williamstown residents.

In one week, over 125 people have signaled their interest – so we're already halfway to the 250 needed to bring FPF here. If we reach this target, we'll be the first town in MA invited to participate!

For more info or to sign up, go to:

What folks are saying:

  • Excited!
  • I'm interested in a safe way to communicate with neighbors
  • Sounds good to me!
  • I'm all for it!
  • I've been hearing about this from friends in Vermont – will be a great addition
  • Would love to have this!
  • Let's do this

If two or more adults in your household would like to participate, they're all welcomed to sign up.

I love how this effort has quickly gained enthusiasm among people of all ages throughout town. Especially in these challenging times, it's great to find new ways to create and support community.


Anne Hogeland, member SWCA board

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