1 Keebler graham cracker pie crust

¾ of lg pkg Philadelphia cream cheese

2 T milk

3 T confectioners sugar

1 t lemon juice/vanilla/or almond extract (optional) to taste

Have cream cheese at room temp.  Combine milk, sugar and flavoring.

Mash ingredients with fork to paste consistency. Drop by tsp onto pie crust.

Spread on bottom surface.

Mix 3 T cornstarch into 3 cups fresh blueberries in med. size sauce pan.

Sugar to taste (perhaps 1/2 cup)

Add 2 to 3 T water and heat till bubbly and thickened.

Vanilla or lemon juice may be added here, alternating what was used with cream cheese mixture.  Pour BB mixture onto cream cheese covered graham cracker crust.

Now the pie goes into into the frig for 2 to3 hrs. or better still overnight.

Voila! Serve chilled; perhaps with a dash of whipped cream or even ice cream.

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