The South Williamstown Community Association

SWCA Board members elected for 2016-2017 include:  Pamela Burger, Katie Case, Karen Charbonneau, Melissa Cragg, Bette Craig, Peter Kapiloff, Wayne Olivieri, Stephen Pagnotta, Regina Rouse, Mark Thaisz, Michelle Thaisz, and Carolyn Umlauf.
Claudia Ellet resigned as a Board member but has promised to continue her valuable help with events.

A draft annual report for 2015-2016 was distributed at the meeting which disclosed that there were 110 member households for the year and that there were additional donations of $2,216.

Joan Dix Blair, as chair of the Outreach Committee, distributed 12 welcome bags to newcomers to the community during the past year, resulting in four new memberships.  Other SWCA Committee people who deserve our gratitude for their work during the past year on projects and events include: Matt Baya, Pam Burger, Melissa Cragg, Sarah Foehl, Carol Guernsey, Nancy Harvin, Anne Hogeland, Barbara Winslow and Katie Wolfgang.
At the annual meeting, Elizabeth Smith suggested that SWCA do something about invasive species and Judy Summers suggested a road cleanup walk.

Special Thanks for this first year after being almost dissolved to several local establishments who have helped SWCA flourish:

  • The Store at Five Corners for posting our news and hosting the Tree Lighting and Caroling in December;
  • Waubeeka Golf Links for hosting a Board Meeting as well as our upcoming August Bar-B-Q as well as storing our grill all year;
  • Sweetwood Care Center for hosting nearly all of our Board meetings in its very comfortable private dining room;
  • Cricket Creek Farm for contributing cheese for the Annual Meeting;
  • Second Congregational Church for being such a good place for several of our events.

Remember: you don’t have to commit to serve on the SWCA Board in order to play a valuable role in the organization. Email  or call President Bette Craig at (413) 458-5257 if you have ideas for projects or activities.