A Noontime Wedding (A South Center School Segment)

By Anne Lamb Tiffany

Students at the South Center, though stretching from First grade to Fifth, were always one big family. There were few secrets, and plans were made for events well in advance. At one point, it was decided to have a wedding. Everyone had a part in it. We had flower girls and ushers, best man/maid of honor/ minister — You name it!

The site was behind the woodshed, just out of sight of Miss Gobeille, our teacher. We ate lunch quickly that chosen day to allow plenty of time for the ceremony. Of course, we all knew the song “Here Comes The Bride” somehow and sang it loudly.

The bride walked from the ash pile to the rock we used for third base, where the minister stood waiting. It was all very solemn and serious. (I wish I could remember some of the words spoken but I know we were all moved, and the bell ending that lunch hour found us filing back into school quietly.)

Forward to 1955:   My future mother-in-law, preparing for the big day (her son’s wedding) made an appointment with a hairdresser. She excitedly told the girl of the coming event, and the girl asked the bride’s name. When she was told the name, the girl said “Oh, I went to her first wedding.”

Needless to say my future mother-in-law went white, and choked until the girl explained that she was one of the eight-year-old bridesmaids at that noontime wedding at The South Center School many happy memories ago!!

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